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News and Information

Holly Konrath, Farmersville parent, and Outdoor Classroom PTO Chair, led students in planting tulip bulbs in a special planting box her husband, Tony, created.  This planter with clear sides will allow 2nd graders to learn about root growth, as well as plant development.  This standards based lesson will allow students to learn in a real-life setting. 
IMG 1672 1

Farmersville students enjoyed the Paragon "Rolling Video Van" as a fundraiser reward at school during Thanksgiving Week. 
Rolling Arcade

Farmersville students enjoyed a "Try It" Thursday during lunch. In September, students planted radish, lettuce, and spinach seeds in our Outdoor Classroom. Students relished in the idea that they were eating something they planted from seed.
Thank you to Mrs. Carrie Parmenter for leading this project!

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Second graders learned about worms from Mrs. Carrie Parmenter, from Posey County Soil and Water Conservation, on November 1st.  

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Frey Farms of Poseyville donated pumpkins to all our students and staff on Halloween. Our fifth graders used teamwork to help unload the pumpkins off the trailer.  Thank you!

DSCN2607  DSCN2608  DSCN2609
DSCN2610  DSCN2611  DSCN2612

Plastic Bottle Caps
Our preschool students are collecting plastic bottle caps to recycle.  The caps will be used to construct a plastic bench for their playground!  If you would like to donate, we will gladly accept them.

Do you havebottle caps

Black Township Fire and Rescue

Thank you, Black Township Fire and Rescue, for teaching all our students yesterday about fire safety.  
Thank you for your service to the Farmersville Community!  
You are appreciated!
Black Township Fire Rescue

Hurricane Harvey Donations
Victims of the hurricane received the much-needed items that were donated by Farmersville along with other MSD of Mt. Vernon Schools.  We also would like to thank Mr. Frye and his wife, Lisa for making the long journey to Schmalz Elementary, TX (outside of Houston) where their daughter teaches.  We are proud of our very own students, staff, and families of Mt. Vernon!

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Pay Fees Online

We are excited to announce that parents can now pay for textbook fees and food service fees online through MSD of Mt. Vernon Web Store. Click here for instructions!

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