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Welcome to The Kids in K-B Webpage!

Welcome to the official K-B webpage!  I will be posting important information here about our classroom. Please visit this page often to view our agenda, a recap of things we have been learning,  volunteer opportunities and more!  If you click on the profile tab above the hand prints, you can also view our calendar of events for each month. These include Farmersville activities as well as K-B events.

~Mrs. Herrenbruck

The K-B Happenings
August 22 - 26, 2016

This week we will be reviewing letters Ff-Nn of the alphabet.  We will be working on identification, writing the letters, and the sounds that they make.  A great way to help your child work on letters of the alphabet is to name a letter and have them find that letter in a book you have at home.  Make it a game to see how many of the letter they can find (this is great for their counting skills as well).  Speaking of ways to practice the alphabet at home, I am going to list a few websites and articles down below for fun games you can do at home with your kiddo to get those letters locked in their brains!  

Our sight words this week are still I and Am/am. As we add more sight words to our list, you can make separate cards with each sight word. One card could be spelled using a capital letter and the other all lower case letters.  Turn the cards over and play Memory with them by matching the uppercase and lowercase cards together. This would also work well with the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet!

In math this week, we will be working on numbers 5-10.  The math packet will be sent home on Monday, so please be on the lookout!  We had an almost 100% return on our homework this week.  Thank you so much and I could see what a difference it made in the kid’s understanding of our class work.

**Please remember, school pictures are on Wednesday, August 24!**

Alphabet practice ideas:

Lots of options here:


10 Active Activity Ideas to Learn the Alphabet  (especially good for those kinesthetic learners who are always on the go)


This author is the same as the one above and her website has countless ideas for early learners in both the language arts AND math :). Great website full of LOTS of ideas on practicing the alphabet that are such fun, your child won’t even notice that they are practicing!

There are also lots of free online games if your child loves video games.  Here are a few sites to check out:


www.splashintophonics.com (just sign in as a guest)

http://www.education.com/games/alphabet/ (many free games to try, you are required to join for full access)

August 10 - 12, 2016

Wow!  What a busy first week we have had!

The kiddos and I spent last week getting to know each other better by sharing our paper bag items, asking and answering questions about one another.  We have a lot of vehicle and My Little Pony lovers in K-B this year!  They have also been learning about the Person of the Day. We took several tours around the building to get to know our surroundings more.   Your Kindergartener has also worked on a “resumes” and  all of the resumes are out on our bulletin board in the hallway. If you are ever in the building, you’ll want to check them out!  We have also been working hard on our class rules and practicing “whole body listening.”  They have been taught that there are THREE ways to read a book, which means each and everyone in my room is already a reader!  I am very proud of the work they have done and I look forward to the school year ahead with this fun group.

Next week we will be reviewing letters Aa-Ee in the alphabet.  We will be practicing letter identification, formation and letter sound.  Our sight words for the next two weeks are I and Am/am. We will also be working on rhyming words.  Beginning Monday, I will be sending home a paper that gives you the Cliff's Notes version of what we will be working on in Language Arts each week.  This way, if you are unable to check the website often, you will still know what to talk with your kiddo about regarding what they are learning.

In math, we will be talking about why people count and numbers 1-5.  As I mentioned at Open House, I will be sending home a math packet each Monday, starting this week.  Students who have completed the packet will need to return it on Friday.  If the packet is turned in, I will put their name in a drawing for the "prize box."  Speaking of the prize box, if anyone has any small toys that they no longer use/want, you can send them my way and I will add them to our box.  What one child might be tired of, another might treasure!  

Also starting this Monday, a paper will be sent home that will be folded like a book.  They will write 3X on it. Please have your child read this to you at least three times Monday evening.  This is good practice for them and also allows you another opportunity to see where your kiddo is excelling or may need extra help.

One last thing.  Many of you were extremely generous with your classroom donations and I GREATLY appreciate it, thank you again!

I hope everyone had a great first (half) week of school and I hope you check back here for more K-B News!  

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Meghann Herrenbruck


Created: Aug 13, 2016
Updated: Aug 20, 2016
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Contact Me!
Meghann Herrenbruck


Created: Aug 13, 2016
Updated: Aug 20, 2016
Viewed 292 times

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