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Posey County Sunrise  GAF ADM Milling Company
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The sun rises in the east every morning.  You have to get up early to see it.  It is golden in color and has a radiant glow.

GAF is a Residential and Commercial Roofing materials manufacturer and is located in our community. On an average, 70 truck loads are shipped each day. In the summer they average 120 loads a day. The roofing material is shipped to 48 states, Canada, and Mexico.

GAF provides about 220 jobs for our local communities. The plant is in operation 24 hours, seven days a week.

ADM Milling Company is located on Second Street in Mt. Vernon .  It is a local market for Posey County wheat. About 50 workers mill the wheat into flour.  Trucks and trains transport the flour all over the USA .

Countrymark Refinery  The Coliseum Posey County Courthouse
Aerial Colosseum View Aerial Court House W Mount Vernon West View
Countrymark refines fuel products for our country.  Many local people are employed at this refinery.
This is a world war memorial that was built in the mid-1920's.  The three doors signify the branches of military service at that time.  They were the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps.  
During the disastrous "Ohio River Flood" of 1937, the Coliseum served as a hospital and dormitory for citizens of Mt, Vernon.  Photo by local drone photographer John Bollinger

      The Posey County Courthouse was built in 1876 at a cost of $95,000.  It's dome reaches 119 feet above the foundation. 
      Court is held in the Posey County Courthouse.  Many historical documents are stored here.  There are several offices for county employees. Photo by local drone photographer John Bollinger

Posey Office 

Farmersville Elementary School

Ohio River

Aerial Post Office View Farmersville Side Aerial View 1 Night Time River Front View

Our Post Office provides mail pickup and delivery for our community. Photo By Local Drone Photographer John Bollinger

Farmersville Elementary School is the best school where kids can get an education.  We are located in the rural area of our community. Photo by local drone photographer John Bollinger
Sherburne Park is located along the Ohio River .  Many people from our community come here to watch the barges and boats on the river.  The barges haul products to and from local businesses. Photo by local drone photographer John Bollinger
Farming Community Alexandrian Public Library  Imagination Station Playground
field on west side of school 2
Open lands, trees, and tall grass is found in the rural area of our community. Photo by local drone photographer John Bollinger
Our library is located in Mt. Vernon .  It provides reading material, computer and internet access, video, CD rentals and many other services for our community.
The Imagination Station Playground is located by the Alexandrian Public Library in Mt. Vernon .  Our community children come here to play.
Posey County Emergency Mt. Vernon City Police Posey County Sheriff
The Posey County EMS team is called Paramedics.  They are ready 24 hours a day to help save the lives of sick or injured persons.
Mt. Vernon City Police Officers are Crime Stoppers in our city.

The Posey County Sheriff, Jail, and Administrative Office are located on O'Donnel Road . Prisoners are placed in jail when they commit a crime.
Pictured above is the Posey County sheriff, a deputy, and the Drug Canine Unit Dog. They work together to stop crime in our rural area.

Mt. Vernon Fire Station Robin Hill City Of Mount Vernon, IN
Aerial River Front Sunset View
The city Fire Department has firemen on duty at all times. They help in many dangerous situations.  They put out fires, and help save many lives.
Robin Hill is believed to have been a part of the Underground Railroad.
This aerial view of Mount Vernon was taken in November 2016, by local drone photographer John Bollinger




Posey County Sunset

The beautiful golden sunset appears each day,
 about suppertime.

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